Preparation of the east wall of the transept is underway, the materials are now available and training is well underway to complete the first stage of the restoration.

Timelapse of preparation phase

Warning: Children and adults of a sensitive nature may find some scenes of a slater bending over distressing!

This timelapse covers the east wall of the transept, specifically the wall plate, the wooden rafter bearer that sits on top of the wall. The wall is approx. 60cm thick and requires consolidation with lime mortar. This will give a stable base on which the wall plate will sit. You will see a bolt half way down the wall plate and there is a matching one on the west side the problem though is there there should be a bar connecting the two sides!

Cross-section of transept

At some time in the past the tie bar has been cut allowing the roof to spread under the weight of the slates, this now needs remedial work and it’s hoped that the ties can be be placed vertically into the walls.

The rafters on the east side are cut and the wall plate removed, the plate is in good condition in spite of its age and will be re-bedded on lime mortar. Unfortunately the light was lost after the bed was prepared so we cannot show the mortar being laid.

By Diane Seddon

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