I started looking at Francis and Ann Croft who lived in the village during the late 1800’s.

Frances was born in Covenham St Mary in 1814, and as far as I can tell, the only child of Jane and John Croft, also of the village. He grew up, and married in 1836, Ann Baldison, with whom he had 4 children. George, Elizabeth, Charles and John.

They continued to live in the village till the death of his wife Ann, in 1856. Two years later, he marries again – Rebecca Eltringham (nee Everett), also a widdow.

He has been a farm labourer his entire life, but after the death of his second wife in 1871 his fortunes fail. He becomes unable to work, and is ousted out of his home in 1881 to the Union Workhouse, Holmes Lane, Louth. He dies there in 1882 and is buried in St Bartholomew’s Churchyard, with his first wife Ann.

Strangely, on the gravestone, there is no mention of his second wife Rebecca.

By Diane Seddon

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