Inside St Bartholomew’s Church is a large brass, inlayed into marble, for Sir John Skipwith (died 1415).

In the Transept, is a much smaller stone (granite) with the marks where a brass inlay used to sit. The stone has been broken, and at some time in the past, a concrete floor has been butted up to the broken section.

Outside the church, as you walk up the path, on the corner as you turn towards the front door, is a square block of stone.

We have wondered for some time why it was there, and what it was used for – thoughts were that it might have had a lamp to help guide parishioners to the door.

During the course of renovations to the Transept roof – the trainees cleared the growth from around the block outside the church, and realised that it wasn’t square at all, as we first thought – it had a distinct shape to it.

One of the trainees photographed the block, and the broken grave memorial inside, and has been able to fit the two together perfectly.

It’s now clear that this memorial was much larger than we originally thought.

We have no idea who is interred there, or when the burial happened…..

If anyone has any ideas how we can find out – we would be very grateful……..

Image Credit – Federico ArguiƱaren

By Diane Seddon

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