As you probably know by now, a good part of the lead was stolen from the roof of the church in late October 2019. The thieves were disturbed by a neighbour, but not before they had done considerable damage. The police were called, and though they did house to house enquiries over the next days – nothing was found – no evidence recovered – and no vehicles traced.

Sadly – even CCTV footage did not help us on this occasion.

After a plea for help – we were given an anonymous donation which was to pay for a temporary roof to be fitted.

This was completed on Saturday, November 9th – with two men arriving early morning, and not leaving till late on in the afternoon.

All the remaining lead was removed from the roof, and transported away – so that thieves who thought they might come back for the residue will now be thwarted in that attempt.

The weather in the intervening time was very wet, and damage of course has been done to the wooden interior and floor covering.

We need now urgently to raise funds to get the roof permanently sealed.

The theft was covered by the BBC local news, and also on BBC Radio Lincolnshire. The result of that was a few donations, but we desperately need more.

Ian being interviewed by the BBC

If you can manage a small donation to help us, it would be much appreciated. We need to raise at least £10,000 to help us towards obtaining a further grant.

Thank you…….

By Diane Seddon

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