Bostock Scaffolding erecting the scaffolding

Briefing from Phil Parker of Philip Parker Associates Ltd acting as our bat consultant and Richard Jordan of Richard Jordan Heritage Roofing prior to starting work. Although referred to as trainees these are skilled roofers in their own rights looking to gain pre 1919 qualifications with SPAB.

First ridge tile being lifted by Phil. Fortunately only a single bat dropping was found during the entire operation with no signs of bat activity within the roof void. Whilst this was good news concerning the work we will be looking at making the roof void more “bat friendly” along with the repairs. Matthew added to the atmosphere by moving in front of the shot just at the right moment.

A bit more information from Phil on what to look for and how to mitigate in work such as this before work starts to remove and stack slates.

Working down the gable checking for bats in the loose. This image shows the wall thickness, the first rafter is visible at the apex bedded in at the halfway point of wall thickness, part of the wall is still obscured by slates!

Happy that no bats are tucked away in the loose along the top of the gable wall slate removal can start.

This image demonstrates how the rafters have dropped with the battens separating and causing the slates to kick up. Some of the timbers are still in good condition along most of their length with localised areas of rot.

How far the roof has dropped now the flashing is removed. The transept arch is very close to the modern roof line (more like a window line), I wonder if the tower was originally of stone and collapsed possibly taking the north transept with it?

And lastly one or two from ground level

By Diane Seddon

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