Last year, a lot of the lead on the roof was stolen, as you know. There was quite a lot that didn’t get taken, and this we removed, when the temporary covering went on.

It was stored inside the church, and was sold privately earlier this year. This has helped us a little towards our target to get a new roof put on sometime going forward.

Interestingly, there was some graffiti on the roof, which had been drawn / engraved into the lead. Apparently this is quite common, and people had been known to draw religious buildings, and write their names up where they could not be detected by clergy.

Up on our roof, there were a number of etchings, which we have preserved, and framed.

An image of a church (doesn’t look like ours), some dates, and a piece that looks like a workman actually used one of his lead tools, to draw around his own shoe. It’s dated 1854.

The lead with the graffiti, has been flattened, treated and framed. At the moment it is stored securely, and we hope to have it on display when we can allow visitors into the church again.

In the mean time, here’s a couple of images of the lead before it was framed up, and one preliminary view of the framing.

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By Diane Seddon

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