Whilst going through a lot of the paperwork for the church, the graveyard, and other old documents – we have found that the listing for the church extends to the land surrounding our next door neighbour at Haiths Farm.

The listing includes the field (which currently has horses grazing), and from an aerial view (thank you Google Earth), we can clearly see the church in the bottom left hand corner, and earthworks in the field deliniating the boundary of the church grounds.   See the image below for a full representation.

The church is clearly pre-conquest, and is therefore of more historical interest that was first thought.

It’s interesting to note that the land has the listing applied to it – Haith’s farm is already grade 2 listed, but the land appending, is listed with the church, not the farm.  We are not sure how this has happened, and ELDC are not sure either.  However, they have been to see the new occupiers of the farm to explain that the archeology must be preserved, and that an archeologist will be going on site soon to see what the mounds, and ditches are.

In the meantime, we hope that we can keep good relations with the new owners of the farm, and that they can appreciate the hidden archeology under their field…..

By Diane Seddon

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